Systems Integration

The Cellular world changes at a very rapid pace and QRC continues to develop new products/software for the ever evolving technology.

QRC products are always on the cutting edge of technology. One of our products' function's is to interpret the cellular network for cellular surveys. Our product's are able to locate a particular base station and do the forensics on it such as signal strength, identify voice channels and their parameters. We can indicate the frequency band from which a particular channel is transmitting; we can determine the existence of signals, what they are, what band they are in etc.

QRC works closely with our customers to understand each individual requirement and tailors the technology to achieve maximum critical mission solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top business priority.

QRC is a total solutions integrator in the cellular world. Our strengths encompass many facets from the initial conception of the project to the final hardware/software platform ready to be deployed anywhere in the world.

We continue to forecast what new products we can develop so our customers can always be on the cutting edge of the ever evolving technology in the cellular world.