Survey Tools Overview

QRC has several new Survey Tools and each represent a new concept in data collection for Cellular Surveys. Each has a different form factor and features. We combine the scanning receiver and the computer into a single device which makes it a closed box survey tool. The user simply powers the units on and the tools will prepare themselves and begin collecting data.

They are designed for wireless network data collection on WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX, an LTE networks. Control channels are detected automatically and the computer logs the System Information. No external laptop computer is needed and they are designed so that literally anyone can collect data.

Communication can be established with any device capable of running a remote desktop connection via a standard Internet Explorer® window. For advanced users, a connection can be made to the device using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi, via a VNC connection. This feature makes these survey tools able to become a Remote Probe. With this in mind, these units can be deployed anywhere in the world and be controlled remotely.

One of these tools has now been approved for sale in Australia, Canada and the UK. Please contact QRC for more information on the exportable unit technical features.