One Button Record and Playback

One Button Record and Playback

QRC’s WBT-200 platform has been built with ease-of-use as a top priority, without compromising on the unit’s unique functional capabilities.

Unlike other tools that often require interfacing bench size test equipment from multiple vendors at great cost, the WBT is a cost effective, field-portable, standalone product.

The WBT’s GUI is intuitive and uses a built-in touch screen (or mouse) to set the center frequency for the signal of interest, and the bandwidth (or span) from a drop down menu. When these parameters are set, the WBT will display the signals being received through the antenna on the WBT’s real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) display screen. After entering the desired frequency, input attenuation( if needed) and RF capture bandwidth, a one touch “Record” entry starts the signal collection session. Another single screen touch will “Stop” the recording session, and enable the user to “Playback” or re-transmit the captured RF signals with a single touch function.

The WBT’s ease of use is unparalleled in the wireless test industry, creating a product that rivals a tape recorder in user simplicity. Technicians with modest experience will command the WBT’s functions with minimal training. The WBT’s field-portable form factor greatly reduces logistics, training, and test-time costs while providing your engineering teams with a one-stop wireless test solution.

WBT One Button RF Record and Playback