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This section lists all the available Apps in a single place for those interested. Or Select the appropriate sub-category using the menu above to see by grouped capability. For those looking for the Apps QRC believes to be the most beneficial for everyday use, see QRC Recommended Apps.
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TripWire App

Advanced recording tool which provides RF level triggering for QRC's Wide Band Transcorder. Features include triggering levels relative to noise floor or on absolute power levels, Exclusion Ranges, and Ability to Sweep Frequency ranges looking for signals then triggering recording when discovered.
WBT Carver
WBT Carver

This application allows you to select a sub-set of either / both frequency and time in a source QVRT file. It can then re-sample the IQ data and select from the correct time/freq ranges and save the data into a new QVRT file This application can be run directly on the WBT, or it can be run on a generic Ubuntu desktop install on a laptop / desktop computer.


This app allows continuous record capability. User will always have (at minimum) the last hour of RF recorded data.

Action Scheduler
Action Scheduler

Create and reuse lists of WBT transmit and record actions. Actions in the list of items may be sequential record, transmit or idle time steps or actions may execute at specific times of day. A list of actions may be repeated by ‘looping’.
RF Spectrum Analyzer App
Spectrum Analyzer

Feature rich spectrum analyzer which runs real time on QRC's Wide Band Transcorder (WBT). This app allows

users to set markers, look for peaks, show persistence and averaging. It has a waterfall view. It can adjust the RBW. It can perform sweeps. It can save and load custom user-defined settings. It will run on real time data as well as recorded files for post analysis.

Note, it is not recommended to use RBW less than 3 kHz when 80 MHz bandwidth is selected.

WBT Scripting App
WBT Integrated Script Editor (WISE)

A scripting tool for the Wide Band Transcorder (WBT). The WBT Integrated Script Editor (WISE) is an application to create and run LUA scripts that can use the WBT's powerful API via linked bindings to automate certain WBT tasks. Features currently implemented include setting the tuner, recording and playing of files, and user specified sleeping. QRC will continue to add to this scripting ability based on user's request via our forum at: http://forum.qrctech.com/forum/18-wide-band-transcorder/,

GPS Display App
GPS Display

Provides a basic text display of the WBT's current GPS location. Along with this, the NMEA messages, # of satellites, HDOP, RMC date, UTC time, and GPS fix Quality.
WBT GPS Data Extraction App
GPS to CSV File

A WBT app that extracts and/or logs GPS data to go with the recorded rf data collected by a WBT. This app writes GPS data to a KML file for use with Google Earth when a recording is started. May also post-process an already collected QVRT file as input and produce a KML file showing the movement of the WBT during the recording. The tool can optionally output a CSV text file if desired by the user.

WBT Spectrum Sweep to CSV File App
Spectrum Sweeper

Fast sweep for a range of frequencies with specified resolution bandwidth and dwell time, to a .csv file for analysis. USB drive selection does not work in this version. Very useful for modeling and study of spectral data. The WBT App Sweep to File Viewer can visualize files created with this app on the WBT's display if desired.

Export App (Matlab Data Exporter for WBT)
Export App (Matlab Data Exporter for WBT)

Use the Export app (Matlab Data Exporter for WBT) to select a time slice of data from a recorded WBT file for export to a WBT removable Solid State Drive. The exported files are Matlab compatible MAT Version 5 data.To access the files created on an external system where Matlab is installed, see the QRC Forum Topic on Data Access .

Note: Presently this tool only supports outputting of data into Matlab format, other export types may be added to the tool in the future and will be provided as updates to this app. If a specific format is needed for your use, please use QRC's Forum (Forum.QrcTech.com) to request the format you need in the WBT Forum Area.
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There is a list of all WBT apps on the website, many of which are provided to show proof of concept or potential. Many of the apps in this category are admittedly still at 'proof of concept' level more than products, and we recommend using the App Color Code Legend to guide your expectations.

QRC encourages users to provide feedback on apps using our forum.