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Surveyor 500
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Product Code: Q3850
Multiple Configurations Available:
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Complete Stand-Alone Wireless Measurement System for Simultaneously Measuring LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, EVDO & WiFi Networks Using a True WIDEBAND Radio

  • Complete Decoding/Encoding of Control Channel Messages
  • Software Upgradeable - Protocols can be Added via Software
  • Mapping
  • Internal GPS
  • Data Logging on Removable CFast Card
  • Emergency Sanitization by Removing Data & OS Cards

Surveyor 500 combines the scanning receiver and the computer into a single device. Surveyor 500 is a closed box survey tool. The user simply turns the unit on and Surveyor 500 will prepare itself and begin collecting data.

Communication to the Surveyor 500 can be established with any device capable of using an Internet connection or a remote desktop connection. For advanced users, a connection can be made to the device using Ethernet. This feature makes Surveyor 500 able to become a Remote Probe. With this in mind, these units can be deployed anywhere in the world and be controlled remotely.

The Surveyor 500 is equipped with standard HDMI, mouse and keyboard ports for diagnostics. These ports provide the user with direct access to the internal computer. This is not needed for normal operation.

Surveyor 500 is an autonomous collection system. The user needs only to push the power button to turn the unit on. No prior knowledge is needed, Surveyor 500 will survey the environment and record the control channels that can be detected and the control channel information contained on these channels. All measurements are obtained completely passively and stored to the removable CFast card.

Once Surveyor 500 is powered, it will read the configuration file and begin to make its measurements. If a blank CFast card is in the Surveyor 500 unit upon start-up, it will wait until a GPS lock is obtained and assign the bands to be measured based on what bands are commercially available at that given location.

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