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These apps process WBT data and provide useful visualizations of what the data contains.
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RF Waterfall (Spectrogram) View App
Waterfall View


The WBT Waterfall View Application (WFV) extends WBT's capabilities to provide advanced features for visualization and analysis of RF spectrum data using a spectrogram in real time. WFV supports viewing and inspection of the spectrum during real-time recording and/or playback of collected data. The Waterfall View continuously displays signal strength of a user-selectable frequency range as an intuitive color scale during preview, recording, and playback.
WBT Carver
WBT Carver

This application allows you to select a sub-set of either / both frequency and time in a source QVRT file. It can then re-sample the IQ data and select from the correct time/freq ranges and save the data into a new QVRT file This application can be run directly on the WBT, or it can be run on a generic Ubuntu desktop install on a laptop / desktop computer.


This app allows continuous record capability. User will always have (at minimum) the last hour of RF recorded data.

RF Spectrum Analyzer App
Spectrum Analyzer

Feature rich spectrum analyzer which runs real time on QRC's Wide Band Transcorder (WBT). This app allows users to set markers, look for peaks, adjust power thresholds, set reference power levels, sweep frequencies, and much more. It will run on real time data as well as recorded files for post-analysis.
WBT Enhanced Spectrum Viewing Tool
Enhanced Spectrum Viewer

Combined Sweeping Spectrum Analyzer and Spectrogram (Waterfall) in a single app. Sweep large ranges of spectrum quickly, and zoom in/out in real time.
GPS Display App
GPS Display

Provides a basic text display of the WBT's current GPS location. Along with this, the NMEA messages, # of satellites, HDOP, RMC date, UTC time, and GPS fix Quality.
Sweep to File (STF) Viewer

Views Spectrum Sweeper created output files on the WBT's display.