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These apps run on a host computer and allow the processing of data generated by a WBT
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Signal Analysis Tool Kit
Signal Analysis Toolkit (SAT)

A Signal Analysis Toolkit (SAT) for offline processing of WBT collected QVRT Files, including Spectro-Q and FileCarver.

The first tool is Spectro-Q. This powerful tool lets users visualize and analyze the WBT's .qrvt files. It is a valuable tool for system and test engineers developing and analyzing the performance of radar, ELINT, SIGINT, ECM, ESM, multi-channel communications, telemetry, and MIMO systems, or characterizing and testing conventional and AESA radar systems.

The second is the
WBT® File Carver (WFC) utility, which is able to quickly scan very large files and display a waterfall of their contents. The user is then able to zoom into a specific time span of interest, and if desired, extract a specific segment of interest into a new WBT® file (.qrvt file) for either playback or other uses, including more detailed analysis in other tools.